In Harms Way (Heroes of Quantico Book #3): Volume 3

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But the problem is, Al Quaida suicide bombed the UN and IRC buildings in Baghdad back in , and they and other groups have kidnapped relief workers, scaring everybody off. That is their strategy, they just want the US to fail, so they can set up an Islamic state, and they don't care how many innocent Iraqis die for this goal.

Review – An Eye for an Eye

I don't really listen to any of those folks on either side who spend their times bloviating and dissing. I do like Molly Ivins, however, but wonder what would happen if we transplanted her brain into Ann Coulter's body Facts are what I need--there's already too much uninformed opinion out there. But I tend to believe the media is not so much biased as overworked, underfunded, and, in some cases, just plain dumb. Of course, those I think are dumb may differ from those you think are dumb.

That's why it's essential to skim the channels and pick up different papers and journals.

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A few gems always shine out in the dust. If my grand plan reaches fruition, I will now piss off all my liberal readers--and my demise will be complete!

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My own opinions are not nearly so simple--I'm well aware that if Iraq gets back on its feet, George Bush will be seen in a couple of decades as a political visionary. I certainly hope that happens. What chaps my ass is the lack of good planning and preparedness from the start--a reflection of civilian leadership with no experience of war. I was deeply conflicted about the invasion of Iraq largely because I believed the civilian leadership wasn't telling us the truth--I never did believe the WMD tale, Colin Powell's testimony was suspicious in the extreme--and that they would be woefully inadequate for the job--and I was shown to be correct.

The military has performed admirably, given the limitations of leadership and difficulty of the mission. Fascinating insight about Iraq's future population explosion. Sounds like a breeding ground for more disaffection! The Sunnis are in control again, and there have been years of civil war. We are nominally allied with the Sunnis against a nuclear Iran. I certainly hope all these predictions are proven wrong.

I also predict our next president after Bush will be a Republican. Glad to hear our troops are being well taken care of. But the professionalism and sympathy of the doctors and staff in the CSH units is awesome in the true sense of the word. I had help by example writing about Kaye's pregnancy, of course--watching our own family grow. The best way I can express it, is that I think of the laws and constants discovered by science as God's fingers. Not evidence of divinity--but divinity itself. Does evolution always benefit the individual? Of course not.

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But we wouldn't be here without it--to experience life and do science and wonder about the mysteries we have yet to solve. This is an important 'endeavor' for those in relatively high profile places such as yourself. The dialog between reason and faith is dangerous but crucial--but sometimes, reason has to admit its inadequacies. If we put this in terms of a superior alien race with incomprehensible technologies--indistinguishable from magic!

But even that metaphor could still be all wrong! Between frequent gulps of the life-giving elixir, those initiated into its secrets talk reverently of the work of Masaru Emoto, who is said to have proved that water responds to the emotions of those around it. The sopping wet envelope This is indeed a fine and puzzling result.

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  8. It may very well be some version of RNA inheritance--but other possibilities may include a "backup" copy being reassembled from so-called non-coding portions of DNA, or from other apparently unrelated genes. These are my own suppositions. Whichever, it's a fascinating question: How many genes can be reassembled using this process?

    How many genes can be overridden or canceled? Can more than one genetic pathway produce the same phenotypical result?


    If so, Mendelian inheritance and much of evolutionary theory is in need of revision. How About an Invisibility Cloak? In as few as 18 months, the military may have access to an invisibility cloak that makes the wearer appear invisible. The cloak will be made of "metamaterial," which is made using nanotechnology and can change the direction of electromagnetic radiation. Because light waves flow around the metamaterial, any object inside of it becomes invisible, similar to water flowing around a smooth rock.

    Irene Hannon Quotes (Author of Against All Odds)

    Researchers have compared it to opening a hole in space. Along with the obvious stealth military operations such a cloak could be used for, the material could also be used to conceal factories and other eyesores from the countryside. Nanotechnology is also behind many other exciting inventions, like the world's strongest bulletproof vest and natural bandages.