Red Sky At Night

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  1. Red sky at night sailors delight - Australian National Maritime Museum
  2. The meaning and origin of the expression: Red sky at night
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  4. Red Sky at Night, Sailor’s Delight – Is The Old Adage True?
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The saying is very old and quite likely to have been passed on by word of mouth for some time before it was ever written down. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and louring. There are many proverbs and stories concerning the weather from medieval England; for example, the notion that the weather on St. Swithin's Day 15th July predicts the weather in England for the next 40 days:. This prediction is nonsense and the weather on that day has no more significance than any other.

Red sky at night sailors delight - Australian National Maritime Museum

When rhymes like that were established England had a primarily rural and maritime economy and weather was consequently of life and death importance. There was no accurate means of forecasting the weather, so the tendency to make the most of what little information they had to go on, and occasionally to put two and two together and make five, is hardly surprising. I truly believe you can predict the weather just by observing your surroundings.

Thanks for sharing! One can also use the conensation trails from jet aircraft to determine a moist upper atmosphere or a dry one.

Back in when I was at a military school for my MOS; I would look out at the morning sky to see if I needed to take a rain coat; well let me tell you it works. I would have my rain coat everyone would ask why I had it? I would say it is going to rain. But they quickly learned that if I had a rain coat or not; they may want to fallow my lead.

The meaning and origin of the expression: Red sky at night

How cool!!! Like AnnaMom, I am very curious about the green sky. I have only seen it really a dramatic green one time several years ago when a tropical storm system stalled out over the panhandle of Florida. It was not bringing rain at that point, but the spirals of clouds over the Gulf were incredible and the sky was green.

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I wonder what is up with the green sky at those times. Name required.

E-mail required. The Sun hasn't stopped moving — in fact, it's still dropping lower and lower below the horizon.

Red Sky in Morning, Sailors Take Warning; Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight

The reason the sky hasn't gone black is that the light from the sun is being bent by the atmosphere — it arcs to kind of follow the curve of the Earth. If you believe in such far-fetched things as a curved globe. Because that sunlight is now travelling through even more air molecules on its journey, there's more scattering, and more of the blue colour seeps out of the light.

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The sky can become even more red than before. But — and this is the important part — this can happen only if there are no clouds between the sun and where you are. Otherwise, the clouds will block the sunlight, and you won't get that lovely red twilight sky. And what's this specific direction that happens to have no clouds?

The direction of the setting Sun - the West.

Red Sky at Night, Sailor’s Delight – Is The Old Adage True?

And in the mid-latitudes, from where do the weather systems like stormy rain clouds come? The West. So if you've got a very very red sunset, that means that there are no clouds to the west for a few hundred kilometres. Weather systems don't move very quickly generally. So that weather system to your West, where there are no clouds right now, is going to be directly above you sometime tomorrow. In general, no clouds mean no rain, and often, fine weather. So now, it all makes sense — red sky at night, sailors delight.

The Sun that has already set is telling you that there are no clouds to the West. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, there are some drawbacks to this though.


Some parts of the planet have weather systems coming from different directions, which is why it doesn't work so well near the equator. Now it's taken me quite a few years to work all this out, and I'm still not fully convinced about the other half, "red sky in the morning, sailors' warning". But when I'm fully convinced, I'll make sure to let you know. Add your comment.